The Alberta Regional Council
of Carpenters and Allied Workers

Unionize Your Workplace

Unionize Your Workplace

The Alberta Regional Council of Carpenters would be proud to be asked by you and your workmates to represent you and defend your interests in dealing with your employer.

We have an entire department of people who can help you make that happen, too! They’re experts in the process of ‘organizing’ workplaces.

Alberta labour law protects workers who want to unionize their workplace. Workers cannot be fired or punished for taking part in a group effort to create a formal relationship with a union.

In both Northern and Southern Alberta, we employ highly experienced special Organizers, and we back them up with a team of legal experts. Our people and their team can help you through the process of ‘bringing the union’ into your workplace.

Our Organizers have worked with people like you and your workmates hundreds of times before. They know the law. They understand how the process works. They know just what your employer can and cannot do. And, believe us, they are truly motivated to make us your representatives.

They know that when they and you succeed, you and your workmates will have a voice in determining terms and conditions at work. The chances are good that you’ll be rewarded with better pay and benefits