The Alberta Regional Council
of Carpenters and Allied Workers


If you're reading this message you are likely interested in career opportunities for women in the Alberta Regional Council of Carpenters & Allied Workers. Members of the ARC Sister’s in the Brotherhood (SIB) committee are deeply interested in you and your career options!

In January of 2011 our Executive Secretary Treasurer, Martyn Piper, announced the formation of an official Sisters in the Brotherhood Committee. The intent of this committee has always been about increasing women membership and empowering our women members to become the best union tradespeople they can be. 

The ARC-SIB Committee is part of a growing International UBC initiative. We are so fortunate to be led by the International SIB Steering Committee. This is a unique and valuable asset to our organization because we are working together across all regions of North America to accomplish great things for women in the construction industry. 

Our commitment to our industry, our union and our trades is matched only by the commitment from our leadership. There's great strength in numbers, so please join us and become a part of this growing movement!

Please navigate through our website to find out more about our committee. We are always interested to hear from you, so don’t forget to visit the contact us page with any questions, concerns or ideas you may have!