The Alberta Regional Council
of Carpenters and Allied Workers


15 Minutes of Fame

Alberta's UBC members are an interesting bunch. Most of us have active family and community lives, and some of us are doing things all the rest of us would like to read about!

Have a look at these members. You'll see what we mean!

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His secret: work, play (music), sleep!

Michael Dunn's growing musical career thrives on gritty words and hard work!

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Porta-Power Teri going stronger than ever!

The second woman to join Local 1325 (really the first, details to come!) got through the male skepticism barrier with competence, an iron will, and a great sense of humour!

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Stan Buller: Speed freak!

Local 1460 millwright and KBIM boss Stan Buller loves the adrenaline that a high-output machine produces,

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Tradewinds to Success still scoring wins!

With the help of the ARC and our Building Trades affiliates, Tradewinds to Success continues to offer great options to aboriginal Albertans. ARC's EST, Martyn Piper, chairs the organization's board.

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At 69, he's in high gear!

Journeyman Millwright-Miachinist Bob Bissell is living his adolescent dream – behind the wheel of a race car doing 130 km/hr!

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Father, foreman, alderman: Age 32!

At age 32, Searle Turton is well on his way to promising scaffolding AND political careers.

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He's got the Habitat Habit!

Steve Rossignol is one of Habitat for Humanity's biggest volunteers, not to mention sales-guy extraordinaire!

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Women's Conference about future market share!

Brandi Thorne poured hours into organizing October's Women's Conference. It's part of the solution to staying competitive, she says!

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ACTC Training pays off Big!

Member of first ACTC formal carpentry apprenticeship class achieves Red Seal, got his life together!

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Scaffold winner part of family trio!

Bonnie White's now only the winner of the 2011 Provincial Scaffolding Competition, but...

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Act's together with dual tickets

Mathew Mcleod's dual ticket status is just part of how he's got his act together.

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Attitude beats age any day!

John's new trade give him back a family life!

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Drive to learn paying off!

Sean Gaskin's  a high energy, safety-driven guy...and definitely on his way somewhere good.

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Brother Bruce’s leap of faith

Bruce Payne’s love of service aims him squarely at provincial politics.

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Life’s plane fun!

Dan Kehoe's sights are set on flying to Yukon goldfields in just 5 years.

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The Phone Fixer

Bob Hugh brings millwright precision to his love of old telephones.

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Getting' down to bass-ics

Brother Mark’s lifelong love of music:  out of the basement, onto the stage.

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