The Alberta Regional Council
of Carpenters and Allied Workers

Joining Us

Joining Us

Joining us is easy!

If we feel that you have have sufficient experience in a trade, you can be pretty sure that we will accept you as a member.

During slow periods, you may have to wait a bit until demand from our employers increases, so patience is a virtue at the beginning.

Click one of the buttons under 'Joining Us!' (left menu) to see more detail about joining us, depending on what your experience is, or where you live.


Joining Us: The Details

Special Note: Special Dispensation by the Carpenters General Office allows the Regional Council's four unions Local 1325, Local 2103, Local 2010 and Local 1460 to accept new members through the Organizing Department for only a $2 initiation fee. All union dues are tax deductible.

We are in the business of representing all tradespeople working in the trades we represent.

When you DO apply: Don't send us a Resume. Send Proof.

We need to see real proof, not summaries, of your past experience and training. Our goal is to assure ourselves you're a qualified tradesperson, not a potential employee.

Journeyman certificates and apprenticeship documents show you've studied your trade. But we also need to know you have real-life, on-the-tools experience. Records of Employment or pay stubs show us for sure what experience you have and what pay scale you might deserve. So letters of reference and resumes don't hurt, and they may be valuable for a future employer to see, but to us they're nothing without pay stubs and records of employment.


Local 1325

  • Initiation Fee - $100
  • Dues - $25 per month, six months paid forward = $150
  • Yearly Social Fee - $10
  • Total Cost to Become a Member = $260

Local 2103

  • Initiation Fee – $2
  • Dues – $25 per month, six months paid forward = $150
  • Total Cost to Become a Member = $ 152

Do not send money in advance – we won't accept it. Sending advance payment does not speed up the process. You pay at the time of Orientation. Once your money is paid, you become a member. The next step is a mandatory 1-day Orientation Session at one of our offices.

Before being admitted to our membership all newcomers must be invited to attend a day-long sign-up orientation.

Invitations to attend orientation go to:

  1. Ticketed Journeymen or apprentices who have Blue Books. These people must fill out an Orientation Application (see links above), and either leave a copy of their ticket or Blue Book with our offices, or fax copies (to Edmonton:  780 477-7143; Calgary 403 283-6425). These people will receive an invitation to the next sign-up.
  2. Experienced tradespeople with proof of hours & documentation. Proof/documentation must be on employer letterhead, preferably with a company seal to prove authenticity. Fill out an application and leave your hours documentation with our offices. Once we’ve reviewed your documents, we’ll call to discuss and agree on your status. You will then be invited to sign-up orientation.
  3. Inexperienced workers/carpenters who do NOT have proof of experience. After completing an Orientation Application, these people will write an entrance examination covering language, math and various construction skills. Pass mark is 70%.
    • If you score 90% or better – you will be invited to sign-up orientation
    • If you obtain 70-90% - you will be interviewed. Following that, you may be invited to attend Industrial Technical Training (ITT) at the Alberta Carpenters Training Centre, or you may be invited to attend orientation.
    • If you do not achieve 70%, you will be asked to upgrade your skills or language comprehension, and to re-apply after 3 months.