The Alberta Regional Council
of Carpenters and Allied Workers


Good Reads

Here are a few suggestions for good reading:

Almost ANY book by Mark Breslin, the American with a solid history on both sides (unions and management) of the California construction industry. Breslin shakes up traditional 'Us vs Them' union thinking, and makes a compelling pitch for unions to realize that they have a product to sell, that the product has to be top-quality, and that the main object is to please the he can hire you again!

Along some of the same lines, a book called Hard Hat Productivity: The 9 Critical Factors for Maximizing Profits. Written by Norb Slowikowski, this book, focusing on how to make a construction company successful through increased p[roductivity, teaches union members how to see the world through a construction company manager's eyes.

Stepping Up to UBC Foreman:  Basic Ideas, Techniques & Skills, Quick Start Strategies, Sample Forms & Checklists. Anyone interested in 'moving up' will find this manual useful. You can get it through the Local 1460 Alberta Millwrights' office, or by calling the Carpenters International Training Fund at 702 938-1111.

Ever wondered what unions really think of the Christian Labour Association of Canada? Read this document from the Saskartchewan Federation of Labour.