The Alberta Regional Council
of Carpenters and Allied Workers

Careers in Our Trades

Connecting with our careers

The best way to enter an apprenticeship in our trades is to come in to our offices and fill out an application for membership in one of our union Locals.

(PLEASE NOTE: New members need to be really clear about this: union membership does not guarantee you a job. We can only place you with employers when employers tell us they need workers.)

One of our people will speak to you and you’ll be asked to fill out an application. If we decide to admit you, you’ll be required to attend a day-long orientation session.

After that, whenever an employer asks us to provide Year One apprentices, you will have an opportunity to accept that work by using our fair-to-all Dispatch system.

All new apprentices must take our Industrial Technical Training (ITT) course. It’s a 14-day course offered by the Alberta Carpenters Training Centre that’ll equip you with some essential safety and trade skills and awarenesses that you need ‘going in’ to the construction world.

Our Training Centre also offers an 8-week Pre-Employment Carpentry course which also includes some with scaffolding content.

Both of the above courses are offered at our Edmonton and Calgary training locations.